Easy tips for teaching children empathy

As parents, we are the foremost contact people for our children to learn from. That is why we need to capitalize on that to teach our kids some basic skills they will need in life, and empathy is one of these skills.

In this article, we will learn some easy tips necessary to teach empathy to kids.

Wikipedia defines empathy as the capability to feel just as someone feels within their frame of reference. Simply put, it is the capacity to place oneself in another’s position.

Having empathy makes one a good person and has a lot of benefits associated with it; that is why parents must make it a point to help their kids see the importance of it.

One might ask, is empathy taught, or is it something you are born with. Some children are born with it while others learn from their parents.

Before we start looking at how you can teach empathy to your children, let’s first look at why it is crucial for parents to teach it.

Importance of teaching your children empathy

1. Mental well-being;

Some researchers have revealed that most people with empathy towards others are happier than those who don’t.

2. It helps us connect to other people;

Another importance of having empathy towards others is that it helps us be seen and appreciated. It also has the tendency to give us a sense of belonging where we will be able to connect to others who feel the same way as we do.

3. It helps others;

When you have empathy towards someone, it, in a way, gives comfort to the person. At times, it may be that the person needs something that you have in abundance, so when you give, you are helping the person a lot, allowing us to have a meaningful existence.

4. Academic success;

Children who have empathy for others are mostly brilliant and excel very well in their academic activities, and this also influences their career lives when they grow to become adults.

With the information above on the importance of teaching empathy to kids, I don’t think any parent will want to prevent their ward from learning to be more empathetic towards others.

Here is how you can teach your children the importance of empathy below.

Tips on how to teach children empathy

1. Show them;

If you want kids to learn something, it is by showing. Kids learn by what they see others doing, which is why you must take the lead. Let him see you helping out others, giving to the needy, and being with the sick or less privileged.

2. Connect feelings;

Another way to teach kids empathy is to help them understand how the one who might need their compassion is feeling. If children can imagine what the person is going through, they will know how awful their situation is, making them care a lot and want to offer their help.

3. Instill it in them;

Make sure you make it a habit every evening when you are about to have dinner to ask your children how their day went and if they were able to do something kind?

You can also ask if, by any means, they were able to spot someone doing good. Doing this will help them put more focus or attention on having empathy toward those in need.

4. Travel;

Make it a habit of taking your children once in a while to the less privileged communities where people don’t have good shelter. Or take them to food banks where they can see what people go through just to survive. This will make them feel the need to show empathy and want to help out with the little they have.

5. Teach them through stories;

There are numerous story books out there for kids which encourage empathy. These books narrate stories to them and, in the end, teach them lessons on why it is good to have compassion towards humanity.

One book to recommend for kids on empathy is ‘’The Rabbit Listened’’ by Cori Doerrfeld.


Teaching children how to empathize with others is not just a one-time thing to teach them; it is an everyday thing to do and requires a commitment to help build that character.

I hope this write-up goes a long way to help you teach this critical life skill to your child.

Thanks for reading, and please don’t forget to share this for others to learn.



I am a freelance content writer who enjoys creating content in a relatable way to help my readers have amazing experiences.

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Eli Alfred Damalie

I am a freelance content writer who enjoys creating content in a relatable way to help my readers have amazing experiences.