How to help children find their life’s purpose

If you don’t know your purpose in this life, living will just be meaningless and worthless to you, which eventually makes some people end up on the streets hopeless and others go to the extreme by ending their lives.

You wouldn’t want this for your kids neither will I also wish such for my kids; that is why parents must take it upon themselves to help their children find their purpose or God-given talent, as others may put it.

Parents have a very significant role to play in shaping their children’s lives, and how they go about it can influence the kid’s life positively or negatively.

In today’s write-up, we will be looking at the best but easy tips you will need to help your child find his path and purpose, which will help him find meaning for his existence on earth.

Below are some of the tips needed to help you guide your child to find his true calling in this world of ours.

1. Allow them to explore;

Children are more to gravitate toward their purpose in life without any outside influence from their parents or relatives.

When a child is playing on his own, you will notice that they do creative things, which at times leave us in total astonishment.

That is why the parent needs to leave their kids alone to do whatever they desire to do when playing unless you feel there might be some dangers.

2. Encourage them to pursue their passion;

Some parents have the habit of trying to steer their children to do things that they want, and by doing so, they end up hindering their kids from pursuing what they are passionate about.

Don’t be such a parent, be the parent that will instead encourage his child to keep pushing and work hard on his goals.

When times are tough for the child, encourage him.

Let him know that it is normal to go through tough times, but things will turn out fine if he still keeps pushing.

3. Explore more;

Another way to help your child find his purpose is to let him try his hands on other things of interest.

Find other things related to his interest and encourage him to try his hands on them.

For example, if you notice that your child loves playing with LEGOs and is creative when using them to build incredible stuff, you can encourage him to try things out related to the field of building, like engineering.

4. Focus and determination are essential;

When you look at the lives of all successful people in the world, they have one thing in common: they are focused and determined to make it no matter what comes their way.

Elon Musk, for an instant, had a lot of failures when he started the SpaceX project where his rockets would explode immediately after take-off, and he was constantly ridiculed by people, but he never gave up.

He continued to keep pushing and focused. And eventually, he succeeded.

Let your kids understand that failure will come their way, and it is normal, but the only way they can win is to stay determined and never give up.

5. Encourage them to ask questions;

We learn more by asking questions.

Inform your child not to feel shy when he faces difficulties and has questions concerning what he is doing.

It will be tough to succeed if you don’t know what you are doing.

In this era of technology and social media, your child has a lot of options out there where he can get the information he wants.

Google and Reddit are some of the best sources to get answers to everything they want to know if they find it challenging to find someone in that field of work.

6. Teach them the power of consistency.

Nothing they say comes easy in life.

Consistency is being committed to your goal for the long term and putting in a continuous effort until you succeed.

This is one crucial lesson you must teach your child. Let him understand that he can attain his goals only if he keeps putting in the work and never gives up.

7. Get him a mentor;

Just as we need teachers to help us gain knowledge and understand things around us, the same way we will need the guidance of mentors to learn from since not everything is taught in schools.

Instead of going through much trial and error, a mentor can help your child skip that process. This is because the mentor, through his many years of experience in that work field, has tried and tested a lot and knows the right way to get things done, which will significantly benefit your child.



I am a freelance content writer who enjoys creating content in a relatable way to help my readers have amazing experiences.

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Eli Alfred Damalie

I am a freelance content writer who enjoys creating content in a relatable way to help my readers have amazing experiences.