How to make kids fall asleep fast.

Here is how I finally decided to look for ways to make my kids fall asleep fast.

I was done with lunch for the kids; the older one, who is 7, started shouting throughout the house, and the little one, who is 4, also joined with his crying, and it was just too much for me to bear.

I knew all that was going on because they had nothing to do, and it’s not because they hadn’t eaten too.

You can imagine how furious I became to the extent that I had to start looking around for answers immediately.

Quickly, I grabbed my phone to start making some calls to friends who had been in the game for a while before me, I mean the parenting game.

To be honest, I was shocked I didn’t know all these tips because when I started implementing them, I finally had the peace of mind I always had, which also helped the kids a lot. After all, they got to sleep and relax a bit.

I am delighted to share this with the world through this platform.

But before we dive into how you can make your kids fall asleep quickly, let’s look at why it is so tricky to put kids to sleep in the first place.

Why it is challenging to put children to sleep quickly.

1. Due to play;

When kids are playing, there is no easy way you can change their minds to get them to do other things. Even if they are hungry, it is impossible to pull that stunt of getting them to leave.

2. When they have company;

Yes, if your child has a friend spending the day or night with him, he becomes so excited, and getting him to do something will be next to impossible. Children love it when they have someone they can relate to and play with consistently, so there is no way to try to make them fall asleep as he is hosting someone.

3. Screen time;

When your child is glued to the TV or on the tablet watching something of interest to him, there is nothing on earth that you can do to separate that union.

When he is glued, he is glued. And as a parent, I know how difficult and frustrating that can be.

So now that we are very familiar with what causes children not to have that nap when they should, I think it will make a lot of sense to look for ways which we can use as possible means to help your child fall as

How to make kids fall asleep fast.

Take away all electronic gadgets before bedtime;

Numerous researches have shown that when one is exposed to an electronic screen, it suppresses the part of the brain in charge of the production of melatonin, which makes it very difficult for the brain to turn off, leading to sleep.

For this reason, it is advisable that before bedtime, make sure your child is not in contact with any light-emitting screen.

1. Avoid sugar;

Sugar has always been a significant cause of restlessness, mostly when consumed at night. This is because the insulin helps your body break down the sugar into energy which probably the body does not need at night, resulting in a child not being able to fall asleep quickly.

2. Make bedtime fun;

What do you do with your child when it’s time to sleep? Engaging in fun activities will surely make your child want to go to bed quickly, even if it’s not yet time to sleep.

Studies have shown that reading bedtime stories to kids every night makes them fall asleep as fast as expected.

3. Follow a routine;

When you have a set down routine which you always follow before going to bed, that can also influence your child to sleep early. It could be taking his bath, brushing his teeth, and then going straight to the bedroom.

If you always follow this routine, your child will always head to the bedroom immediately after taking his bath and brushing his teeth without you asking.

4. No nap when it’s almost time to sleep;

When it’s almost bedtime, allowing a short nap can lead the child not to feel sleepy anytime soon.

Make sure that if it’s almost time for bed, he gets busy with preparations or other activities that will prevent him from falling asleep.

In short, keep him busy before bedtime.

5. Involve them in physical activities;

This works in the daytime, too; letting your child participate in physical activities during the day will consume his energy, making him tired, making him want to sleep at his own will.

6. Turn off the lights;

When it’s time for bed, always make sure you switch off the lights in your child’s room. Exposure to rays at night can hinder your child’s transition to sleep, and it can also be a lead cause of interrupted sleep and repeated awakenings.

Not all kids are OK with the lights being turned off at night, so first, know if your child is OK before you engage any further.

These are the 6 tips to make your kids sleep faster at home. Remember that some of these tips don’t work just in one day, but you are sure to see significant changes through consistency.

Thanks for reading, and remember to check out our other articles below to help you create a happy home.



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