Powerful guide to creating a morning routine for kids

Let’s face it, raising a child can be really challenging with the stress that comes with it every morning where you, the parent have to put a lot in place before the child goes to school.

It becomes worse off if you have more children, that is to say, more responsibilities.

I know how hectic it could be in the morning for parents because I have been there before, and it isn’t something that I wish on even my worse enemy.

But with time, I was able to find a way to change the situation by creating morning routines for the kids, which I will share with you in this article.

Before we find out how you can create a morning routine for your child, let us first look at why it is essential to make morning routines for kids.

Importance of morning routines for kids.


Creating morning routines for children helps them learn some basic life skills, helps the family run smoothly, and also helps reduce the stress on parents.

Here are the importance of morning routines for kids.

It creates confidence;

Kids learning morning routines will make them feel very happy about themselves because they can give a helping hand to the parent, which they know will be valued by them.

You will be appreciated more;

Making your child start morning routines daily will make him appreciate you more, and this is because he now has the opportunity to feel all you go through every day.

It reduces stress;

The child, too, will be less stressed and anxiety-free when he can help do some of the morning chores.

Because morning routines are similar to exercises, they will assist the youngster in diverting his attention away from anything that may be causing him to become worried, as well as producing endorphins, which are responsible for making us feel good.

With this information in our hands, now we can move straight ahead to find out how you can create a working morning routine for your kids for the benefits mentioned above.

How to create morning routines for children

Create a routine list;

Make a list of all your daily routines and put it up for everyone to see. The list can include making breakfast, doing laundry, piano lessons, washing dishes, tidying up the room, and so on.

With this list displaced, ask your child to select which routines he will have no problem helping out with, and then you can take things on from there.

Work together;

It is natural for people to refuse what is asked of them, and children are no exception.

Sometimes assigning duties to the child can lead to him asking questions about why you want them to do that, and at times they accuse you of being unfair to them.

Asking them to join you in working together can prevent that since everybody is involved in getting things done.

The advantage this always bring is you will have a lot of free time on your hand that you can use to do something fun together as a family.

Give age-appropriate routines;


You wouldn’t be asking a 2-year-old to go do the dishes, would you? Of course not, and doing that will only be met with resistance or shoddy work.

In the case of a two-year-old, for instance, you can give them routines that are life skills that will be essential for him to know.

Brushing his teeth, combing of hair, or washing his hands are some of the few life skills you can let kids of younger age take up as their daily routine.

Give conditions;

I will explain what this means instead of asking them to do this chore directly, rephrase that in a way that they will not have any other option but to do what is required of them.

This is particular for older kids who have the stubborn habit of disobeying.

If you want to assign a chore as a daily routine, let it come with a condition.

For example,” you can only go on the computer after tidying up your room.”

Since children are addicted to being online to chat with their friends or play online games, they will always do their morning tasks to avoid trouble.

I hope you have learned am this article. You are now set to get your kids to start helping out at home.

Kindly share this article with your friends and family to help create a great society.

Thanks for reading.



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